Chalk Walks

The chalk walks were first organized by the association Hollaback! They consist in writing messages about street harassment directly on the ground. Those messages can be general “advices” towards harassers such as “stop telling me to smile” or examples of the sentences victims heard in the street. This type of event is easy to organize, can take place everywhere and everyone how want to can participate.

The chalk makes it extremely temporary : a simple rain shower can erase it. The fact that it takes place in the street also drives the public attention on the participants and some got harassed during chalk walks.

Several events of this type have been organized by Stop Street Harassment, Hollaback! and Stop Harcèlement de Rue.



Anti-rape Stockings & Pants


Hairy Stockings :
Created in china in 2013, this product was described as “super sexy, summertime anti- pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for young girls going out”.


Anti-Rape Pants :
These “anti-rape” pants come fitted with prosthetic male genitals. The main goal
of those pants are that by wearing them, potential rapists are fooled into thinking the wearer is a man or transgender and that it would reduce their motivation to assault.

Both products are considered as preventive solutions against rape, sexual assault and harassment and provoked a lot of reactions (good or bad) which allowed to talk about the problem of harassment but they raise the question about using such “extreme” methods as prevention. The other problem is that the idea behond those products is that women have to look less attractive to avoid harassment, but since it is a matter of power, the way women look won’t affect their risks. Some people also reacted by saying it could be perceived as an invitation to be more cruel and/or bully the person wearing them.

Hollaback! App

Hollaback! is an application allowing victims and witnesses to share stories about street harassment. Developed in 2014 after a first version in 2010, the sharing process is meant to be very simple and quick. Users localize and categorize their story and can then choose to tell details about what happened. NYC citizens can also choose to share their story with the NYC Council.

An additional option is available for the user : the possibility to view all their stories on a map and share it.

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Victims can share their stories and map, and find support from other users of the application (or even users from the platform they shared their map on).


The interface is a bit outdated and the colours of the map in background sometime not very readable. The map always open on NYC. Most of the data are at least one year old. Data could also be used in a bad way.

The application is available on the iTunes Store or Google Play. More informations here :

HeyBaby Game

360_hey_baby_1007Created by the artist and producer Suyin Looui, this game is a satirical response to street harassment.

In this first person shooter game, women have the possibility to be the aggressor and kill violently men catcalling them.

The extreme violence along with the radical side taken by the creator enabled the game to have a quick and strong response from the public although a lot of reactions have also shown that not everyone understand the satirical aspect of the game, and reinforce the idea of some people that some women overreact. Another problem/weakness is also that once again, men are represented as the only ones blameworthy.

 The game is not available anymore.

Crocodiles Project

English version of the tumblr Projet Crocodiles, illustrating everyday life situations of sexism and street harassment.

tumblr_inline_o7obizqwwt1s858vs_540Crocodiles Project is drawn by Thomas Mathieu, the stories were sent from France and Belgium. The men are replaced by crocodiles as a way to question gender roles, and their implication in sexist harassment.


Communicates about the problem, shows concrete examples and provides other useful informations for the victims. The illustrated format makes it easy to read.


All men are represented as crocodiles, even when they aren’t the harasser, which can lead to the preconceived idea that men are always the harassers and women always the victims.

English translation made by Sophie Heitz, Neill Wade and Emily Macintosh, handwritten by Aurore Vegas and Thomas Mathieu.