Walking home (video)

Walking Home – Nuala Cabral

Experimental film about women experiencing sexual harassment in the street.

Nuala Cabral words about her video : “Experiencing and witnessing street harassment on a regular basis was the motivation for making this film.  Growing up I mostly ignored street harassment, but then found myself living in cities where ignoring street harassment was not always the safest response. I began to realize that navigating street harassment was like an art form, something many women and girls learn to do in order to stay safe and comfortable. Since making the film I have also been thinking more about how non-gender conforming individuals and LGBT folks are also forced to master this “art” of avoiding or responding to street harassment. […] I have found filmmaking to be an excellent tool to explore social issues and engage audiences in critical dialogue about how things are and how things could be. […] I knew I wanted to expand my audience beyond those who already recognize street harassment as a problem.  Encountering street harassment can feel alienating and lonely — even when bystanders are around and especially when bystanders say nothing. I hope the film speaks to this cross section of people because clearly we each have a role to play when it comes to ending street harassment.”


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