Reading : results on sexual harassment training, “Sexual harassment training may have reverse effect, research suggests”, Sam Levin, 2016.

In order to prevent sexual harassment cases in the workplace, sexual harassment training have been set up in some companies (it is even required by law in California for companies with more than 50 employees). But as the title of the article suggest, research have shown that it can have reverse effect.

The main explanation could come from the “cartoonish, somewhat unrealistic” examples often shown in those trainings. But more importantly, the consequences are surprising : men who have completed sexual harassment trainings were “’significantly less likely’ to consider coercive behaviors toward a subordinate or student as sexual harassment compared with a control group of men who hadn’t done the training” and also less likely to report sexual harassment. Another unexpected consequence is that “after men learned about harassment rules, it triggered implicit gender biases, effectively making it more likely for them to stereotype women”.

Note : a precision is given in the article that studies about the effect of those trainings are very limited, but among those studies, a minimal amount of them have shown positive effects.

Related :, “Can Legal Interventions Change Beliefs? The Effect of Exposure to Sexual Harassment Policy on Men’s Gender Beliefs”, Justine E. Tinkler, Yan E. Li, Stefanie Mollborn, 2007


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