Catcalls Exhibit

This art exhibition about catcalling created by Jenga Mwendo took place in New York city in 2002. her idea came from her following suggestion : “we could open an exhibit where a man could walk through alone, and hear [catcalls] while the eyes of men leer at [him] from the walls.” after she experienced this kind of street harassment.
The multimedia exhibition included several components such as the “walk of shame” with images of men staring or catcalling the visitor as he walks through it; Jenga mwendo also printed examples of street harassment she experienced for a week and the artist Liza Jesse Peterson also read her poem “ice cream fiend” during the exhibition.

The plurality of media and the immersive aspect had a strong impact on visitors, making them feel what victims feel, but an exhibition is a one-time event, and it raises awareness only amongst visitors.

Lissa Jesse Peterson – Ice Cream Fiend

Article about the exhibition :


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