Anti-rape Stockings & Pants


Hairy Stockings :
Created in china in 2013, this product was described as “super sexy, summertime anti- pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for young girls going out”.


Anti-Rape Pants :
These “anti-rape” pants come fitted with prosthetic male genitals. The main goal
of those pants are that by wearing them, potential rapists are fooled into thinking the wearer is a man or transgender and that it would reduce their motivation to assault.

Both products are considered as preventive solutions against rape, sexual assault and harassment and provoked a lot of reactions (good or bad) which allowed to talk about the problem of harassment but they raise the question about using such “extreme” methods as prevention. The other problem is that the idea behond those products is that women have to look less attractive to avoid harassment, but since it is a matter of power, the way women look won’t affect their risks. Some people also reacted by saying it could be perceived as an invitation to be more cruel and/or bully the person wearing them.


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