Crocodiles Project

English version of the tumblr Projet Crocodiles, illustrating everyday life situations of sexism and street harassment.

tumblr_inline_o7obizqwwt1s858vs_540Crocodiles Project is drawn by Thomas Mathieu, the stories were sent from France and Belgium. The men are replaced by crocodiles as a way to question gender roles, and their implication in sexist harassment.


Communicates about the problem, shows concrete examples and provides other useful informations for the victims. The illustrated format makes it easy to read.


All men are represented as crocodiles, even when they aren’t the harasser, which can lead to the preconceived idea that men are always the harassers and women always the victims.

English translation made by Sophie Heitz, Neill Wade and Emily Macintosh, handwritten by Aurore Vegas and Thomas Mathieu.


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